Monday, November 23, 2009

It Ain't Wrong, Right?

Is it wrong to write what we feel about on the public area? Is it wrong to write about someone else? Well, I think it depends on how you think about it. It could be right in one side but wrong in the other side. It could be wrong, why? Because it's about talking about somebody else's privacy. He/she, had them right to not be written or talked in public. Unless we got their permission. Than how come it becomes right? Because we are also have our own right to write anything we want. Furthermore, some people preferred to write because there's a lot of things that people couldn't say it directly, FREELY... I'm pretty sure people has their that right for doing that. Nobody couldn't asked somebode else to stop doing what they want to do. People who does write what they want to write knows what are they doing. I think they know where the border is. Then somebody whom his/her name written on somebody's writing, should not be worried.

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