Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something You Should Know

Dear Tiger,
After all we've been through
After all of the things we have done.
You know nothing about my suffering.
No, you do not know.
Because you do not want to know.

Dear Tiger,
Can't you just open up your heart?
For me, even just a little bit?
Can't you just give a second chance to me?
To us?
Can't we just start everything once again?

Dear Tiger,
No matter how long it would be.
No matter how hard it could be.
I will always be here.
Waiting for you.
For your love.
Don't care even if you do not know about it.

Dear Tiger,
When you need someone to heal your pain, you have my number.

Now if you still want to go,
Just go...
Do not ever have a doubt to come back.
Because I know you know where you can come back to.


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